Teen Makeup Party In Falmouth

Well I can’t lie I was a little nervous about doing this party. Having had a son and step sons I wasn’t used to 12 year old girls. I was unsure how much they would already know about makeup. I wanted to make it fun for them so I decided to demonstrate a simple look using tinted moisturiser, eye primer a splash of colour on the lids, gel liner and mascara. To finish off cream blush and lipstick.

They all looked very smart when they arrived and Maddie-the birthday girl was straight on the hot seat. I talked through the makeup while demonstrating. They were all quiet as they were listening to it all. Once I had finished Maddie’s makeup, they were then going to work on each other. They first had to design their makeup look that they wanted on themselves. They chose bright colours to go with their outfits and some more natural.

It was fun seeing them really enjoying doing the makeup on their friends and I could see they had really listened.

They took away a mascara and lipstick to have at home and Emma Griffin was there to capture all the fun. She even brought props for them to use.

Maddie’s mum Helen provided the girls with non alcoholic fizz and nibbles and she even had her makeup done!

At the end I was tired, but I really enjoyed it. I am ready to do lots more 🙂










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  1. well done Sally, Isobel had a ball and it’s great to teach them properly from the start!

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