Fashion shoot February 2012

I have been wanting to work with Sian, the photographer for ages, but the timings hadn’t been right, but we managed to get together for this shoot on the 27th of February.

The fashion shoot was held in Penryn near Falmouth in a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere. We had 2 models who had done some work before so they were so easy to work with. The look we wanted to go with was a strong brow and a soft brow. This didn’t go to plan though as my glue for the eyebrows just wouldn’t stick! So I improvised and just put foundation over them.

We had Emma who did the hair, which was lots of plaits, then ponytails then messy.

The clothes were from a designer was called Uzma Bozai. It was her spring/summer collection of 2013. They had a tribal feel with lovely mustard yellows, burnt oranges and blues.

I decided to go with orange for the first model. I kept it quite fresh for the first look. I used Mac face and body foundation, Mac studio fix concealer for any blemishes. The orange on the eyes was from Sleek and the lip color was Revlon.


We then changed her look I added gold to the eyes and a dark brown from the naked palette to give it depth then Bobby Brown eyeliner in Espresson inky for a smoked look. I softened the cheeks and lips to a more peachy colour.


The next model I chose to put blue on her eyes. I used Mac deep truth with a Mac blue eyeliner underneath to give it depth. I contoured Ashlyn’s face  and kept her lips very soft.


The next look on Ashlyn was to strengthen the blue and make it more bold. I used Clinique black gel liner to darken around the eyes and gave her more colour on the cheeks and lips.


Sian was a great photographer to work with. She made us all feel very comfortable and even made us popcorn!

Photographer : Sian Robertson

Clothes designer: Uzmi Bozai

Hair stylist: Emma Lyall-Venables

Makeup: Sally Orchard

Models : Ashlyn Amy Coyne, Polly Jopling



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