Level one in Bridal Makeup


Two  day bridal makeup course

Who is this course for?

This entry level course is designed for complete beginners who wish to learn basic 

make up techniques to kick off your career as a make up artist. No prior knowledge 


What will I learn from this course?
  •  Health, safety & hygiene- maintaining safe and effective methods of working when providing make up services
  •  Basic facial anatomy (Skin, bones, muscles)
  •  Contraindications and contra actions (Contraindications may prevent or restrict treatment/ Contra actions may occur   during treatment- how to deal with them)
  • The role of a makeup professional/ work ethics
  •  Long lasting techniques
  •  Skin prep
  • Foundation and concealer application
  •  Eyeshadow application
  •  Basic eyeliner and mascara technique
  •  Eyebrow definition, technique & grooming
  •  Cluster lash application
  • Cheek and blusher techniques-
  •  Lip colours and techniques
  • Advice on makeup kits
  •  Makeup brushes
  • Natural day and bridal makeup
  • Trial and consultation techniques
  • Aftercare- giving advice and recommendations to suit the individual client
What can I do with this course?

Graduates from this course can begin working freelance on clients using their fully 

insurable certificate creating a world of opportunities. Students can develop their 

skills further by progressing onto further courses and specialising in different areas 

of makeup.

What courses can I progress onto?

Students can develop their skills further and specialise in any area of makeup by 

completing our intermediate and/or our advanced courses.

An accredited certificate  will be issued at the end of the course if you pass the criteria

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